Women are Not Heifers – Or Any Other Form of Livestock

By Colleen Connell, Executive Director Some members of the Illinois General Assembly once again are playing politics with women’s health — and threatening our access to contraception and abortion! For the second year in a row, anti-contraception/anti-abortion legislators sent restrictive reproductive health bills to the House Agriculture and Conservation Committee. I grew up in North …

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Sign the pledge: Defend the Targets of Intolerance in Illinois


Racial minorities and newcomers, women, LGBT individuals and families, peaceful protestors, religious individuals and atheists, all these groups and more have come under attack in recent years by those who would write injustice and discrimination into our laws. While we have won many battles the fight continues to defend these targets of intolerance and create …

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RH Reality Check: The War on Contraception

RH Reality Check posted a provocative article that looks back on the events of 2011 as they pertain to the anti-choice agenda. The article makes clear that the struggles between anti-choicers and reproductive health advocates were not solely about abortion, but in fact about a much broader struggle coined, “The War on Contraception.” The election …

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The War on Contraception

At both the federal and state level, politicians and extremists are seeking to roll back and limit access to birth control in the U.S.: In 2011, voters in Mississippi and Nevada considered and rejected extreme “personhood amendments” which would ban not only abortion, but also emergency contraception and many forms of birth control. The Mississippi …

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Development in Catholic Charities Case Against DCFS

Yesterday, attorneys for the two remaining Catholic Charities agencies involved in a lawsuit against the State of Illinois, seeking to reverse a decision by the Department of Children and Family Services to end its contractual relationship with these agencies to provide state-funded foster care and adoption services, announced that they would end the litigation. The …

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