RH Reality Check: The War on Contraception

RH Reality Check posted a provocative article that looks back on the events of 2011 as they pertain to the anti-choice agenda. The article makes clear that the struggles between anti-choicers and reproductive health advocates were not solely about abortion, but in fact about a much broader struggle coined, “The War on Contraception.”

The election of Obama and the rollback of anti-contraception propaganda, however, seems to have set the anti-choice movement off. Even though most of them will still deflect if asked directly in mainstream media if they oppose contraception, they basically stopped trying so hard to manage mainstream perceptions of themselves as somehow just great lovers of fetal life, and are coming out with their anti-sex, misogynist agenda. The word “abortion” gets thrown around a lot, but the actions of the anti-choice movement this year made it crystal clear that it’s not about abortion, but about punishing women who have sex, full stop.

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