Tell your Reps: Hands Off Women’s Health!

The attack on women’s health has hit Illinois! Zealots — who want to limit birth control and abortion are trying to sneak two bills through the legislature this year under the guise that these measures protect women’s health. Don’t be fooled – these proposals are not about medicine; they are about closing down access to women’s health care in Illinois.

For proof this is about politics not health, one need look no further than the fact that these zealots manipulated the legislative process to send the first of these restrictive measures — House Bill 4117 — for a hearing in the House Agriculture Committee. This committee, whose expertise is farming, conservation, and livestock, will be considering HB 4117, which seeks to impose excessive and medically unnecessary regulations on women’s health clinics that offer abortions. Well, women are not livestock and it is dangerous and insulting to regulate our health care as though we are farm animals!

The second measure — House Bill 4085 — forces all Illinois women seeking abortion, regardless of individual health circumstances, to view an ultrasound of the fetus or sign a statement documenting the reasons for her refusal. Imagine how traumatic viewing this ultrasound could be for some women, particularly those terminating for health reasons or because of rape or incest and if they refuse to view the ultrasound, having to justify their decision in a written statement ! The bill also increases costs for women seeking essential health care and increases the cost of regulation for a state agency already financially strapped.

These bills are part of an attempt nationwide to block access to health care for women. It is time to say: not in Illinois!