Privacy in the Digital Era

This year we’ve been talking about all the different ways groups of individuals can be singled out for intolerance – from the attacks on voting rights to the attacks on gay and lesbian individuals and their families. But what about the ways in which all of us can be subjected to government surveillance without a warrant or reasonable suspicion of any wrongdoing?

The ACLU of Illinois is investigating pushing back against violations of the Fourth Amendment in Illinois. For years we’ve been researching and informing the public about Illinois’ shadowy “intelligence fusion centers” which compile data about the public with inadequate safeguards and privacy protections.

Join us Thursday, Nov 8th for a twitter discussion on Chicago’s system of surveillance cameras, called the most extensive in the nation. And Nov 12th – 15th we’ll be holding 3 different discussions about “Privacy in the Digital Era” looking at everything from tracking phones via GPS signals to the privacy protections for email and other communications.

Join us as we examine privacy in the digital age – and how we can all become targets of surveillance.