Support the Illinois Family Medical Leave Act

Tell your legislator that gay and lesbian couples should be able to take medical leave to care for their families. It’s only fair.

Tell your Reps: Hands Off Women’s Health

Say no to legislation that would ban abortion by deceit in Illinois.

Sign the Pledge: Defend the Targets of Intolerance

Stand with us to defend the targets of intolerance everywhere in our state.

Protect LGBT Students from Harassment and Discrimination

Take action now and demand passage of the Student Non-Discrimination Act.

President Obama: Say NO to anti-choice lobby

Ask the president to reject the demand for new loopholes in access to contraception.

Thank Gov. Quinn for ending shackling in Cook Co.!

Using restraints on pregnant women and shackling them to their beds during labor poses serious risks to mother and fetus. Thank Governor Quinn for signing HB 1958.